About Us

B+B Studio is the only fitness boutique in the country with focus on Pilates and Pilates-oriented classes. We offer safe and effective instruction through STOTT PILATES®-trained and -certified instructors. With our emphasis on excellent service, customized programs and exceptional trainers, we are committed to being the best in the mind-body fitness field. We focus on:

  1. Personalized service and programming for you by understanding your needs and recommending and delivering a program that can best serve your fitness goals.
  2. Dedication to learning. We host and attend yearly continuing education courses in STOTT PILATES®. This allows our trainers to support and inspire you and continually innovate to challenge you and make your workouts fun.
  3. Maintaining International Certifications with Stott Pilates (Canada/USA) and Redcord Suspension (Norway/Europe). We believe that you work hard and deserve our world-class best.
  4. Providing the latest apparatus to supplement the wellness programs (Redcord Axis, Halo® Trainer, BOSU® Balance Trainer, SPX® Max and V2 Max™, Cardio-Tramp® Rebounder, Pilates Edge™…and the list goes on!)

Our Story

We believe in giving you our best so you can live your best life.

In 2001, Pilates was a concept foreign to the Philippines. There were gyms that provided exercise equipment and exhilarating workout classes. There were a handful of yoga studios. But no one had yet done a fitness boutique that offered customized programs with focus on Pilates.

Three good friends, Marilen, Carmen and Stella, were inspired to bring STOTT PILATES® to the Philippines because they saw the impact of the program on their lives. It was life-changing as it allowed them to achieve things they never thought they could—running a marathon, raising a family, launching and growing a business.

With two studios in Bonifacio Global City and another studio in Libis, Quezon City, B+B Studio is continuing its commitment to being the best in the mind-body fitness field.


Internationally certified instructors in B+B Studio have years of solid experience in fitness, dance, physical therapy, sports medicine, kinesiology and rehabilitation. It is the lifelong commitment of B+B Studio to continue to be the best in the mind-body fitness field, by ensuring that our valued instructors are up to date with the latest knowledge about fitness, wellness, and the body. Meet them here!


"Love what you do and everything will be easy!"

When asked for three words to describe B+B Studio, Mitch says: Makes you better! And that’s also how you’ll feel when you work with her. A multi-faceted fitness professional, Mitch was a weight management coach, personal trainer and group fitness instructor before she joined B+B. What she would love for you to achieve: lifestyle management and weight control.

Certification : Fully Certified STOTT PILATES® Instructor, ACE Certified Health Coach, Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor, Certified Redcord Active Instructor


“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.”

Aside from being a fully-certified Stott Pilates Instructor and Redcord Suspension coach, Armand is also an ACE Certified Lifestyle and Weight Management coach. He wants every session to be the best workout experience for you, so you can achieve a healthy and fit body. Fun fact: He’s married to fellow B+B Instructor, Mitch Felipe, who he affectionately calls “The Fitness Princess.”

Certification : Fully Certified STOTT PILATES® Instructor, Certified Redcord Active Instructor, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Coach


Dindin loves the variety of things you can do with Pilates and the results that your body can achieve so if you’re looking to shake up your routine, then work with her. Her guilty pleasure: Anything sweet. Her favourite travel destination: Europe.

Certification : Fully Certified STOTT PILATES® Instructor, Certified Redcord Active Instructor

Attended Courses : Injuries and Special Populations, Advanced Mat, and workshops using small equipment.


“Positive attitude creates positive results.”

Nette is your partner in achieving your fitness goals and living a pain-free life. Talk to her about weekend trips to Subic (her favorite travel destination) or her two kids.

Certification : Fully Certified STOTT PILATES® Instructor, Certified Redcord Active Instructor

Attended Courses : Injuries and Special Populations, Athletic Conditioning, Jumpboard Interval Training on the Reformer, Advanced Mat, Optimization of the Lumbo-Pelvic Region and various workshops using small equipment.


"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away."

Passionate co-owner and trainer, Marilen believes that Pilates is the way to a healthy and more fulfilled life. She wants you to enjoy life without physical pain, to excel in whatever you’re passionate about and to spend lots of quality time with the people you love. Her guilty pleasure: chocolate.

Certification : Fully Certified STOTT PILATES® Instructor, Total Barre™ Qualified Instructor and Certified Redcord Active Instructor

Attended Courses : Advanced Mat Pilates, Injuries and Special Population, Pre- and Post-Natal Care, Athletic Conditioning with Equipment, Functions and Stability of the Knee, Breast Cancer Rehab, and various workshops using small equipment.


NJ loves the mindfulness of Pilates and how you can build your body awareness, especially when doing sports or other physical activities. When he’s not at the studio, he trains cheerleaders or plans his next beach trip.

Certification : Fully Certified STOTT PILATES® Instructor, Certified Redcord Active Instructor

Attended Courses : Injuries and Special Population, Pre- and Post-Natal Care, Stability of the Shoulders, Athletic Conditioning, Advanced Mat and other workshops using small equipment.


Perk would love to see you achieve the full potential of your body. He’s trained in Mat, Reformer, ICCB, Redcord and Ace. His favorite travel destination: The beach. His guilty pleasure: Wine.

Certification : Certified STOTT PILATES® Instructor, Certified Redcord Active Instructor

Attended Courses : Intensive Cadillac, Chair and Barrels, Redcord Active, and various workshops using small equipment, Ace certified.


"Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get."

Mimi loves that Pilates makes her feel like she just came from a spa. She feels both relaxed and invigorated after. Before she was doing Pilates, Mimi was a tap dance instructor.

Certification : Apprentice, completed STOTT PILATES® Mat and Reformer training


“I can do all things through Him who gives me strength.” (Phil 4:13)

What Linda loves about Pilates is that it works both big and small muscles. She wants you to be healthy, sexy, toned and to achieve your fitness goals. Talk to her about her love for nature and mountains, especially the Grand Canyon and Mount Maculot.

Certification : Completed courses in STOTT PILATES® Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chairs and Barrels, and workshops using small equipment


“God is the Creator and there are no other gods to believe in.”

Because she’s a nursing graduate AND a ballet dancer, she loves the medical approach of Pilates. Her favorite travel destination: Europe!

Certification : Apprentice, completed STOTT PILATES® Mat and Reformer training

Attended Courses : Registered nurse


About Pilates

What is STOTT PILATES® anyway?

STOTT PILATES® is a contemporary approach to the original exercise method pioneered by the late Joseph Pilates. STOTT PILATES® improves core strength and balances the muscles around the joints. This leads to improvements in the way the body functions, looks and feels. There are also preparatory exercises and modifications to cater to many different body types and abilities.

What are the benefits of STOTT PILATES®?

  • Longer, leaner muscles (less bulk, more freedom of movement)
  • Improves postural problems
  • Increases core strength, stability and peripheral mobility
  • Helps prevent injury
  • Balances strength and flexibility
  • Heightens body awareness
  • No impact, easy on the joints
  • Highly customizable
  • Complements other methods of exercise
  • Improves performance in other sports
  • Improves balance, coordination and circulation

Can I lose weight with Pilates?

Although you normally lose inches with Pilates, combined with cardiovascular exercises (running, walking, cycling, swimming) and a healthy diet, Pilates’s focus on strengthening your core muscles and lengthening your whole body will help you lose weight.

I have a bad back. Can I still do Pilates?

If it is just muscle soreness, you can definitely do Pilates. But if you have nerve or skeletal issues, it would be better if you consult a physician and provide us with a medical certificate and report. We can work together with your physician to strengthen your deep back muscles for easier movement in your daily life. SOURCE: stottpilates.com
About the class

How long is a class?

Each class is 55 minutes long.

Do you have lockers?

We do.  However, we recommend that you don’t bring valuable items to the studio.

Can I take a shower after the class?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a shower area in the Main Studio (Bonifacio Technology Center, 31st and 2nd Ave). There is a shower area in the Infinity Tower satellite studio.

Do you have water or do I have to bring my own?

Water in filtered water stations is available. You can refill your own water bottle or use our available cups.

What do I wear to class?

Comfortable, form-fitting workout clothes are appropriate. Don’t forget to bring a fresh pair of socks. Kindly refrain from using cologne or perfume when exercising.

Uh oh. I left my socks. What now?

Don’t worry. Toe socks are available for sale at our studios.

How early should I come to class?

If it’s your first class, please come at least 15 minutes before your schedule so you can fill up the appropriate forms. If it’s not, please come five minutes before the class to check in and store your belongings. We will not be able to extend your session if you come late because of the trainer’s tight schedules.

Are the group classes as effective as the private sessions?

While the private sessions will be customized to your very specific fitness goals, the group classes are still effective in ensuring overall fitness, toning and body conditioning.

I would like to take a Semi-Private Class or Trio Class. Can you match me with a fellow student or do I need to form my own group?

The Studio can definitely match you with other students of similar caliber. If you want to form your own group, you may do so as well.

I don’t feel my trainer really understands what I need. Can I change him/her?

Pilates is a very personal form of exercise. If you feel that you do not have a connection with your trainer, please feel free to inform the front desk. We will be more than happy to find you a better match.


Pilates is an important and integral part of my training program for marathons and triathlons. I used to think that the only benefit I got from Pilates was a stronger and more stable core but over time I’ve come to realize that I have gained from Pilates in other ways too. Pilates makes you pay attention to your breathing while doing controlled and precise movements with your muscles. When you find yourself on the road for more than three hours, this discipline helps a lot. I find that I have a better appreciation for how my body works now. I am more focused even when I am subjecting my body to stress. I have better coordination and am more surefooted. I also suffer far less injuries. There is a grace that comes from economy of movement. It’s not all about intense, brute force. Pilates is what helped me gain this perspective.

—Mesh Villanueva

The personal attention and individually designed programs, along with dedicated and professional coaches makes B+B Studio a top Pilates Studio. I always find myself coming back as I feel the results of their workout programs both aesthetically and the physical health benefits (posture, stronger back, better breathing, overall contribution to physical health etc.). I am now six months along the way, and have been taking pre-natal classes (which I did not do on my first pregnancy). I feel such a big difference in my overall well being—flexibility, absence of back pain, mobility and general mental balance.

—Katrina Tantoco Lobregat

I love Redcord—it’s never boring and it’s always a new challenge each session. It helped me tone up and I feel much stronger and more balanced than ever. Coupled with Pilates, it has really improved my posture and alignment. But most of all, it’s fun! And if you enjoy what you are doing, you do it more often and get the best results possible.

—Kara Prieto

I like Pilates because it is not boring; there is always something new. There are different types or exercises for every single muscle. I think it also exercises the brain because it requires concentration. Though pricey, Pilates is worth every peso you pay, a sound investment indeed.

—Gemma Cruz-Araneta

Writer, Author, Heritage Advocate

I used to feel lower back aches due to many back problem but Pilates has helped solved this. Since then, despite my busy schedule, Pilates is and always will be a part of my day. I find it not only relaxing but energizing as well. Doing various stretches and poses tone my body, giving it both the strength and shape it needs.

—Kim Go

I did Pilates from my fourth month of pregnancy up until I was about to give birth. The workout regained my sense of fitness and energy that I had lost during my first trimester. The B+B instructors were also so understanding of the sensitivity of my pregnancy, without compromising the exercises that were beneficial to me. Because of the program, I recovered quickly from my c section, and I’ve already lost the pregnancy weight as well!

—Krie Reyes Lopez

Founder, Messy Bessy

When I do Pilates, I don’t get tired. I can even meet up with friends right after my workout but I know that I’m working my entire body during my practice. With B+B Studio, all the trainers are certified. You know you’re getting the best. You know they’re looking out for you. It’s hard to find a workout that you will do year after year. Only Pilates has done that for me.

—Eileen Macapagal

Pilates is my favorite workout. I’ve tried a lot of workouts. I don’t get exhausted but I receive all the benefits of working out. I also feel it’s the best workout to incorporate into any kind of lifestyle. It has always been a pleasant experience here at B+B Studio. After doing Pilates here for years, you really see results in your body, your posture—I’ve even become taller!

—Jocas de Leon

I’m used to doing Pilates and my body looks for it. I stopped doing it once and my back pains started coming back. When I started again, I don’t feel the pain anymore. It helps you feel aligned. It lessens my aches and pains.

—Joanna Cabangon

I was looking for something kinder to my body and I found it in Pilates. For me, Pilates is already a way of life. (Even my mom does it.) I’ve had injuries in the past and Pilates has strengthened my muscles so I don’t feel pain anymore. Pilates helps me function well and be more mindful about how I position my body which helps me as I go about my day. From something as mundane as climbing stairs or getting my suitcase when I travel, I feel more conscious about how I move my body. It’s like vitamins. I just know I need it.

—Tuchi Imperial

B+B Studio is the nicest place I’ve tried. The people are highly trained professionals. Because of their annual training, they really know the technology behind Pilates. By doing Pilates, I feel very healthy and strong. As I get older, I am not as susceptible to falling or other accidents. I also have sciatica. The pain is manageable and even my neck pain has disappeared. Pilates has had a big impact on my life. I feel very fit and active.

—Bienvenido Tantoco

I discovered B+B Studio because my kids were going to Little Gym. I was kuba (hunched) after carrying my second child. Pilates helped improve my posture and I feel no more shoulder pain. My pilates practice helped me become more flexible and I always feel lighter and alert right after workout.

—Rox Tiu

Mayroon ako noon yung taba sa likod ng aking leeg. Nawala iyon dahil sa Pilates. Gusto ko ang B+B dahil malapit sa amin. Disciplined rin ang mga trainer sa kilos. Very professional sila. (I used to have fat at the back of my neck. It disappeared because of Pilates. I like B+B because it’s located near us. The trainers are disciplined and professional.)

—Rosa Tiu

I had knee surgery and my inner muscles had already atrophied. After doing Pilates, I experienced less problems with my knee, less pain and more movement. I continued with Pilates because a body in motion stays in motion. It’s also a total workout. It strengthens you. It’s mindful, almost like meditation. It’s also a great way to start the day. When you’re stressed, it helps you relax. When you’re sluggish, it peps me up. I like B+B because of the tailor-made exercises for you. If you have injuries, they strengthen you, so you have less pain or it completely disappears. I also like the com-plete equipment and props. They are conscious of your needs.

—Menchu Soriano

Pilates is something anyone can do. It’s up to you how you push yourself. It’s not a workout in the usual way as it gives you strength, flexibility and balance. I also do Core Kinesis and my instructors are always surprised at how strong I am. I attribute that strength to Pilates. I like B+B Studio because it uses Stott Pilates which focuses on weights. It’s important for me to do weight training, especially at my age.

—Kaye Tinga


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