Your First Class

If you are a group of three to five who would like to do an introductory session together, B+B Studio can schedule a Group Progression Class. Your group will learn the principles, test glide the reformers, and use the mat, barrels, fitness circles, balls, bands, and bosus together. The group progression class is a three-to-five session workshop that is conducted especially for the group.



This first, important, thorough session allows your certified trainer to know your medical history, fitness goals, and conduct a postural and gait analysis. You learn the basic principles of Pilates and can try a whole range of apparatus from the reformer to the Cadillac. This first session allows us to understand your needs so we can create a program to help you achieve your goals. It’s a good time to ask questions, and get acquainted with the Pilates system.



For friends who want to work out in threes, B+B Studio offers trio equipment classes. This workout is great if you want a balance of great value, supervision, variety, and camaraderie. The three of you can use the reformers, jump boards, mini tramps, the bosus, the redcord suspension equipment, spring walls, and all the toys to make exercise enjoyable.


Semi-Private Sessions

Semi-Private Sessions are recommended for clients who have taken private sessions, possess a certain degree of body awareness and would like to work out with a partner. At B+B Studio, working out in pairs is ideal, because all the equipment can still be used. We have at least two of everything for you and your partner! This is a great value-for-money session.


Private Sessions

Private Sessions are recommended for those who would like a more personal approach—and a fully tailored program. One-on-one sessions with a dedicated instructor allow the trainer to watch each move carefully, correct alignment, and follow a specific program created just for you. The possibilities are endless in private sessions, and the whole studio is your playground.


Group Classes

Group Equipment Class

Do you want to do Pilates as a group?

The Group Equipment Class is ideal if you can execute exercises properly with minimal supervision, want the flexibility in schedule and desire good value for money.

Dedicated equipment such as reformers, Jumpboard & Cross-Bow™, Mini-Tramp™, mats,barrels, Fitness Circle®, Toning Ball™, Flex-Band®, Foam Roller™, BOSU®, grids, Pilates Edge™ and/or Redcord suspension are used as part of the group repertoire.


Total Barre™

No Tutus Required

Want to say goodbye to saggy arms, butt and thighs? Want a fun challenge to your workout? Total Barre™ is the grown-up version of the ballet classes you took as a kid. It combines dance with the biomechanics principles of STOTT PILATES®. Flow with the music while using the ballet barre, hand weights, toning balls and flex bands in this unique workout. Get stronger, have fun and become more graceful with Total Barre™. Pilates background not required. http://www.merrithew.com/total-barre



Mindful Movement

Want to spice up your yoga or Pilates routine? A B+B Studio exclusive. Familiar yoga moves done on reformers will shake up your routine, unleash tension, increase coordination and bring clarity to your mind. ZEN•GA™ targets your deep movement system which leads to a more flexible spine, toned and balanced muscles, oxygenated organs—a healthier you both inside and outside. You will feel centered, light, refreshed…almost weightless. Pilates background not required. http://www.merrithew.com/zenga/about


Redcord Active

Great results in just 10 minutes a day!

Want to take your exercise to the next level? Are you an athlete who wants to get better at your sport?

Redcord Active uses your body weight and cords which create instability, making your workout extra challenging. Think of the scene in Mission Impossible 2 when Tom Cruise was suspended in mid-air and you’ll get an idea of what Redcord looks like. The exercises improve strength, muscular endurance, balance, coordination and core muscle stability. Redcord Active will push you to do what you thought was impossible.

Redcord Active can also be incorporated into your Pilates sessions, by request.



Cardio + Core

A fabulously fit body

Want abs of steel? Michelle Obama arms? Thigh gap?

Have it all with Cardio + Core, an intense workout that combines cardio exercises with core work. This develops abs of steel, sexy arms and shoulders, toned legs, a perky butt and a healthy heart. A fun and intimate group class taught by internationally certified instructors who are equipped to help you meet your fitness goals whatever they may be. If you’re looking to challenge yourself, then you definitely have to try Cardio + Core.

Pilates background not required.


Lean Mama

Get your pre-baby body back!

Do you want to be a lean, mean mama machine?

We’re joking. We know you just want to get leaner and stronger so you can be the best mama you can be. The Lean Mama workout focuses on reactivating and strengthening your abdomen, your much-ignored pelvic floor and back. Be more flexible and regain your stability after pregnancy. Reconnect with your self so you will feel more confident and have more stamina to face the challenges of modern motherhood.


The Wedding Workout

A fit and blooming bride

Your dress is ready. You’ve finalized your guest list. And now it’s time to focus on you.

Make sure you look your glowing best, both inside and out. Keep those arms sleek, that tummy taut, shoulders strong and legs long so you can look beautiful and be able to withstand the rigors of a memorable day. The focus on breath work will also help you feel calm and centered during inevitable Bridezilla moments. Increase your energy, improve your posture and balance with this wedding workout like no other.


The Prime Time Workout

Light, strong and pain-free

Do you want to feel super at 60?

Take action against ageing with the Prime Time Workout. Internationally certified instructors will guide you through a series of gentle movements that will strengthen, energize and improve your overall well-being. Be lighter, move with ease, live pain-free…that’s how you’ll feel after the Prime Time Workout.


Group Class Schedule

Updated as of March 17, 2016








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Lifestyle Coaching

Need help in your journey towards weight loss, a less stressed life, a healthier you? Trained professionals in weight management and nutritional counseling will guide you to make the best choices in food, activities and healthy habits. B+B is committed to help you reach your weight loss and fitness goals, so you can feel and look your best.




A Whole New Body
30 session pass

P 1,559 per class

Total: P 46,770

With two free group classes

See the Difference
20 session pass

P 1,750 per class

Total: P 35,000

Feel the Difference
10 session pass

P 1,850 per class

Total: P 18,100

Intro Three Session Pass
Single Use Per Client Only

P1,600 per class

Total: P 4,800

With 1 free group class

Your First Class
Single Sessions

Php 2,050


A Whole New Body
30 Session Pass

P 1,256 per class

Total: P 37,680

With one free group class

See the Difference
20 Session Pass

P 1,400 per class

Total: P 28,000

Feel the Difference
10 Session Pass

P 1,500 per class

Total: P 15,000


Feel The Difference
10 Session Pass

P 1,150 per class

Total: P 11,500

See The Difference
20 Session Pass

P 1,050 per class

Total: P 21,000

A Whole New Body
30 Session Pass

P 950 per class

Total: P 28,500

With one free group class


Your First Class
Single Session

Php 950

Ten Session Pass

P 863 per class

Total: P 9,500

With One Free Group Class

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